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Justice Korkpor WarnsAgainst ‘Chameleon’ Counselors

By BallahM. Kollie

MONROVIA,June 21 (LINA) – Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor has warned against « chameleon »counsellors, urging such lawyers to remain focused in the practice of law.

« If you want to be fish, remain under water and if you want to beanimal, remain on the land, » Justice Korkpor noted Thursday at the start ofarguments in cases assigned for the day.

The warning is in the wake of some lawyers recusing themselves fromcases, especially at the level of the high court, simply because they have beenappointed to high positions in government.

Justice Korkpor noted that all counselors appearing before the court areviewed as such and not as government officials.

He termed as « gross disrespect » for any lawyer to allow any of theiroffice staff to in any form represent them to the high court.

This isan apparent reference to Deputy Agriculture Minister Cllr. Syrenius Cephaswhose Chief of Office Staff responded to a contempt charge by the Supreme Courton his behalf.