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National Water and Sanitation Agency promotes distance learning on irrigation and irrigation systems

Praia, Jul 16 (Inforpress) – The “Introduction to irrigation and irrigation systems” is the topic of a distance learning promoted by the National Water and Sanitation Agency from today until the 27th of this month, aimed at technicians related to water management.
In a statement, ANAS explains that the training is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, in recent years, to raising awareness among farmers to the conversion of the traditional flood irrigation method to the micro irrigation method (drop by drop).
The course will be taught by the specialist in Environmental Sciences / agroforestry eco-hydrology Júlio Lima, in the ‘online’ modality and will be based on the principles of agricultural agrometeorology to maximize crop production and the calculation of crop water requirements.
With a duration of 40 hours and divided into seven modules, the training, according to the same source, covers topics such as irrigation, irrigation systems and related concepts, soil water balance, concepts and definitions and water needs for plants and crops.