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Santo Antão: Water and sanitation project suspended but mayors believe in investments

Praia, Sept 8 (Inforpress) – The water and sanitation project in the island of Santo Antão is temporarily suspended, but the municipalities and the Government believe that the planned investments, which exceed one billion escudos, will be materialized.

The mayor of Porto Novo, Aníbal Fonseca, explained that the project, launched a year ago by the Government, was “lined up, with guaranteed financing” by the Arab Bank for Development in Africa (Badea) and due the COVID-19 announced the temporary suspension of this project.

“We have been following the project, which was all lined up, with guaranteed funding”, but the partner sent a note stating the temporary suspension because of the COVID-19, but it will move forward”, said Aníbal Fonseca.

It is with this project that the Government and the municipality will “solve the major sanitation problem in the city of Porto Novo, with the expansion of the sewage network and the installation of a treatment plant, in addition to other investments, this mayor expects.