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Let’s empower women to give off their best-Vodafone CEO

By Emmanuel Todd, GNA 

Accra, Nov 8, GNA – Madam Patricia Obo-Nai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vodafone Ghana, has said women should be empowered to give off their best in their workplaces and to take up leadership roles. 

She said women were naturally created with unique abilities when tapped could contribute to the success of organisations adding that women should be themselves and not feel inadequate based on their gender. 

Speaking at this year’s Virtual Ghana Garden and Flower Show dubbed “Nurture 2 bloom” she said as a female leader in a telecommunication company she had intentionally taken up some younger females from Universities mentored them to take up technical and leadership roles. 

The panel discussion was on the theme; “ 

“Don’t challenge the ego of men in the workplace, but diligently bring to the table your uniqueness,” she said. 

She said women have the ability to multitask and companies who do not empower women were missing a lot on the part of women to see and think differently. 

Madam Esther Cobbah, CEO, Stratcomm Africa said the need to empower women was anchored to Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) which seeks to achieve gender equality globally. 

“When women win society wins when women lose society loses, because the care and nurturing of society depended on women,” she said.  

Madam Shirley Tony Kum, Corporate Communications Manager, Vivo Energy said women should come out of excuses and take up the challenge to add value to themselves through self-study and career enhancement courses to take up professional roles. 

She said they should be willing to go the extra mile and sacrifice for nothing good comes on a silver platter. 

Catherine Krobo-Edusei Benson CEO, Eden Tree, said every individual had a unique potential to bring on board and teamwork should be encouraged. 

She said women who had acquired either formal education or informal training could equally contribute in unique ways to productivity. 

Madam Theresa Apawu, Project Management Institute, said women should be competitive and give off their best to win their place in the workplace. 

“Women should exhibit high performance, commitment and don’t give up spirit to excel in the corporate world,” she said.   

She urged professional women to take up roles, find solutions and prove themselves.