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Janira Hopffer Almada calls for “changes in mentality” so that everyone can have equality and opportunities

Assomada, Dec 15 (Inforpress) – The PAICV president called this Monday, in Assomada, for “changes in mentality” so that all citizens can have equality and opportunities in Cabo Verde, regardless of whether they have resources or whether they are women or men.
Janira Hopffer Almada spoke to the press on the sidelines of an open conversation with militant women, friends and African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV – opposition party) supporters on the theme “we can too”, promoted by the PAICV National Federation of Women (FNM-PAI) in partnership with the party.
“I think that first of all we have to work for a Cabo Verde for all, in opportunities and equality, not only among citizens with more resources and those with less resources, but also between men and women”, she replied to journalists when asked if it remains firm in the purpose of working so that Cabo Verde has a woman prime minister.
“There is a very clear question for me: When I talk about Cabo Verde for everyone, I really want equality and opportunities for everyone. This is not a fight between women against men or men against women but it is a fight for equal opportunities and, above all, for the valorization of those who defend the public interest and work to promote the common good”, she explained.