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People flouting Covid-19 protocols should be punished

Accra, Jan 20, GNA – The country’s law enforcement agencies have been urged to punish people who flout anti-covid-19 protocols.
This would deter others and ensure strict adherence to the protocols, which is the only way of driving away from the disease.”
In an interview with the Ghana News Agency(GNA) during a random survey, Mr Martin Asamoah said it was unfortunate that despite the dangerous and highly infectious nature of the disease, some people still did not practice safety measures recommended by health experts.
Mr Asamoa said if the state began to jail and fine people, and also showed these offenders to the public through the media, it would serve as a grave deterrent, which would greatly help stop the spread of the disease.
“We are really afraid of the disease. That is why we are obeying the Presidents order, as well as all other protocols that could help halt the spread of the disease,” Majeed Majida, a commercial motor bike rider told the GNA in an interview.
Mr Majida, who did not have his mask on when the GNA encountered him, said as a commercial motor bike or okada rider, he always sanitized his helmets after every ride
He said all his colleagues wore nose masks once they picked passengers and explained that they only took off the masks in between rides.
Mr Majid said he had so far not encountered security personnel, who were enforcing the President’s directive.
Mr Bismarck Yeboah, a fan milk seller, who was not in a face mask, said although he did not have a face mask, he was still very scared of the disease,
However, he said, he had a bottle of hand sanitizer that the customers could use.
Mr Yeboah encouraged the public to follow the President’s directive, to help stop the spread of the disease.
Master Jerry Annor Mensah, a student of Saint Barnabas Junior High School, said he was satisfied with the measures in place at the school, to stem the spread of covid-19.
Master Eric Mensah, who also attends the same school, encouraged everyone to strictly practice the anti-covid-19 protocols, and added, that he also was very satisfied with the observation of the safety protocols in school.
“I think the President’s directive is very relevant and needed. My senior brother who lives in the UK got infected by Covid-19, so those still saying the disease is not real should know that it is very real,“ said Mr Jonathan Quaye, a middle-aged man.
He said it was important that the public got serious with observing the safety protocols, ”If we want the disease to go away.”
Mr Abu Ben-Aben, a librarian, said he believed the President should be more tasking in asking the citizenry to practice anti-covid-19 safety protocols.
He said a more demanding stance from the President would automatically result in the public improving their observation of anti-covid-19 protocols, which would in effect reduce and finally halt infections altogether.
Madam Rejoice Macu said wearing the nose mask was crucial because a typical feature of interaction amongst Ghanaians was lengthy conversations.
She said humans sometimes could only be disciplined under the threat of force, adding that covid-19, required a high level of discipline to be effectively dealt with.
She said the discipline would be most effective when enforced by the country’s security agencies.
Whilst all respondents sounded very pro-active towards the observation of anti-covid-19 infection protocols, only one of these respondents wore a face mask during the interviews.
President Akufo-Addo said in a nation-wide broadcast last Sunday, that Covid-19 infections in the country were currently rising at an alarming rate, and could overwhelm the country’s health delivery outlets, if not duly halted.
He urged Ghanaians to obey the anti-covid-19 protocols to avoid the imposition of a second lack-down, which would be done when necessary.
The President urged the security agencies to enforce the observation of anti-Covid-19 protocols and also cautioned, that punishments existed for those who broke the law.