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Taylor Nudges Africans To Support Women Empowerment

By Ballah M. Kollie, LINA

MONROVIA, April 27 (LINA) -Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor is challenging Africans to support women empowerment by providing them additional opportunities.

She said providing women more opportunities will enable them rise to their full potential as they endeavor to contribute to national and continental development.

Senator Taylor made the call when she addressed the Nigerian Institute of Management Consultants in Nigeria Tuesday, according to a dispatch sent to the Liberia News Agency.

Upon the invitation of the Nigerian institute, Senator Taylor spoke on the topic: « The role of women in business, leadership and management. »

Incorporated in 1983, the Institute of Management Consultants is the body of professional management consultants approved and registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Institute serves as spokesperson for the consulting industry in Nigeria and plays a major role in the advancement of management consultancy.

According to the Bong County lawmaker, if given the needed support, women will rise to their full potential and one day be elected in positions of trust such as State Governor, Vice President or President of their country.

She described women as people granted with a solemn trust as they are the bearers and the sustainers of families and nations.

« Thankfully today, there is a body of literature, backed by empirical evidence, which indicates that women are different from men and take different approaches to leadership than men. But note that in spite of the differences, they both carry equal traits and can be great at whatever they desire, » she observed.

Senator Taylor argued that it is evident that as more women around the world take on leadership positions in business, politics, management and governance in their communities and nations, they will impart a progressive female leadership that will continue to produce results that are profound and beyond comprehension .

She noted that it is abundantly certain that women leaders understand survival, renewal and reinvention, adding, « They have tenacity and are not afraid to fight for what they believe in and know how to do more with less. »

The convocation brought together some of Africa’s best managers who, she noted, continue to provide innovation and create platforms for the accelerated growth and development of African solutions to African problems.

« If we, the leaders of our generation, continue to sleep at our gates, the world will impact our lives in ways we cannot fathom, with the adverse consequences lingering on generations yet unborn, » she observed.