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A total 152 employees of Ghana Manganese Company Limited awarded

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Nsuta Wassaw (W/R), June 03, GNA-A total of 152 employees of Ghana Manganese Company Limited (GMCL) at Nsuta Wassaw in the Tarkwa-Nusaem Municipality, have been awarded for their long service to the company.

The employees who had served between 10 to 25 years received cash prizes, television sets, citations and certificates.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of the company, Mr Jurgen Eijgendaal, expressed gratitude to the employees for working tirelessly to sustain the company.

« These are special moments that you need to cherish and reflect on because some of you are in the middle of your career life and you need to ask yourself what have l achieved, where am l heading towards, how do l see my life and future. The good thing about GMCL is that after 106 years of mining we still have a long future » he said.

Mr Eijgendaal continued, « I know GMCL has a stable workforce. Our staff are known to have been with the company for a very long period and that in these times is exceptional because a lot of companies keep coming and going.

“Nsuta is a beautiful place to work, and it has changed over the last years, it has changed in positive ways, but it also must change in smaller ways because we are 106-year-old.

« As human beings grow old, our infrastructure in the company also does same so we have to rethink and try to improve upon but the equipment that we work with has rapidly changed because GMCL is currently having one of the most modern mining fleets in Ghana and we are proud of that ».

Madam Korkor Addy, Head of Human Capital for GMCL, indicated that in any organisation the recognition of people who have dedicated their time and efforts to the profitability of the company was important.

« That’s why we took this opportunity to reward, acknowledge and honour them for this long service and make them happy to inspire others in the firm that hard work and dedication really pay off, » she noted.

Madam Addy noted that the management of the company would continue to provide a safe environment for the staff to go about their duties.

Some 27 individuals who participated in GMCL’s community apprenticeship training programme for one year were also presented with their certificates, Mr Ebenezer Sam Onuawontor, Human Resource Industrial Relation, and Site Services Manager announced.

He stated that the second batch of another 27 people have been enrolled and the training would have commenced soon, added that, the apprenticeship programme was set up to meet the needs of individuals in their host communities who were interested in their work.

Mr Onuawontor  appealed to heads in the various departments of the company to give an opportunity to those who have completed the apprenticeship programme to work with them when there is any vacancy.

One of the award winners on behalf of his colleagues thanked the company for the kindness.

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