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Abandonment caused by the unemployment situation in Sal does not scare the Electoral Census Commission, guarantees responsible

  31 Juillet      9        Politique (10396),


Espargos, Jul 31 – The president of the Electoral Census Commission guaranteed Wednesday that so far the number of potential voters who have left the island has not been affected by the work being done under the new census.
Despite the fact that it is foreseen the departure from Sal Island of around three thousand people to their homes, Gilberto Évora said that the emergence of new voters, because they reached majority or by other nature, have guaranteed superiority in relation to transfer requests.
“It is true that many voters from Sal traveled to other islands, but until then we do not have the exact number of departure, largely because of the new censuses are causing a sense of balance, as we do not have many transfer requests and from 2016 until then, we are in the best time in terms of new censuses”, explained Gilberto Évora at a press conference.
The fact is that the transfers still do not represent significant numbers, which Gilberto Évora sees as a possible “waiting” for voters to confirm the date of the elections, to position themselves, according to their conditions.

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