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African Health Experts should make strong impact on anti-covid-19 fight – KNII

  11 Février      25        Santé (9448),


Accra, Feb 11, GNA – Health experts in Ghana and Africa as a whole, have been urged to quicken their steps towards halting the covid-19 pandemic.

« This is the time for African scientists to prove their learning and research is not futile. »

Dr. Benjamin Anyagre, Executive Director of the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute (KNII), in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said just as the search for a coronavirus cure was being pursued by scientists in America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, African scientists also had to strive for a covid-19 cure.

He said it was worth noting the fact, that the WHO encouraged local remedies, so far as these remedies were scientifically proven to be potent.

Dr. Anyagre urged African countries to unite and mobilise all relevant resources, towards fighting and bringing to a halt, the covid-19 pandemic.

He said in order to kill suspicion and build trust, there was the need to be very transparent, concerning any discovery of a cure of any sort against covid-19.

The KNII Executive Director said the leadership of Africa had to realise that covid-19 had the potential to create great havoc on the continent, through infecting large numbers of people and in effect, destabilizing the entire continent.

Dr. Anyagre observed that if scientists in Africa failed to find a way of effectively combating the pandemic through their own innovation and effort, they would have lost an opportunity to validate all the funding that goes into scientific research on the continent,

He said the time had come for Africa to begin to have faith in its own innovations, and deist from the tendency to wait upon the West for a solution.

Dr. Anyagre reminded African health experts such as doctors, virologists and herbalists that what mattered most was to find a credible cure for the virus.

« By now, African scientists should have also come together to find a solution to the covid-19 pandemic. If that never happens, then it would mean they are failing the continent with regards to this pandemic, » he said.

Dr. Anyagre noted that the WHO was for the good of the entire global community.

« Whereever you find a cure, be bold in defending and standing by it. Do not let complex defeat swallow you up. So far as the potency of your cure could be scientifically proven, stand and defend what you have for the greater good, » he said.

A new variant of the covid-19 virus, which has been described by health experts as having a much higher ability to be transmitted from one person to another, has currently engulfed the global community.

This is happening a year after the virus was first heard of in the Wuhan province of China.

The WHO says the new variant is highly problematic and could stress hospitals across the world, if it is not duly suppressed.

Ghana has currently recorded 675 new covid-19 infections and has 6938 active cases. The country has a confirmed number of 73,003 cases with 65,583 recoveries and 482 deaths.

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