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Agric Ministry Donates Implements To Farmers In Grand Cape Mount

  20 Janvier      19        Agriculture (1963),


SINJE, Jan. 19 (LINA) – The Ministry of Agriculture has embarked on the distribution of assorted farming implements to farmers in Grand Cape Mount County.

The farming supplies were distributed to 32 farming groups in the five administrative districts of Grand Cape Mount County as a means of boosting agricultural activities in the county and the country at large.

The items provided include: 91 bags of fertilizer, 450 buckets, 450 rain coats, 450 rain boots, 450 hand gloves and 32 spray cans.

Leading the distribution exercise in Sinje Town, Grand Cape Mount County over the weekend, Agriculture Minister Jeanine Milly Cooper said the distribution is part of a national effort by the Government to empower farmers in stimulating agricultural development.

When she took office early last year, the Agriculture Minister said, the President of Liberia instructed the ministry to ensure that Liberian farmers grow sufficient food something, she said, the ministry is working with the farmers in the country to achieve.

Minister Cooper stated that as a person who has been in the agriculture field for several years, she knows the capability of farmers in the country, adding that with help from the ministry they can collectively accomplish their goal.

“Myself I was in the rice business before I became Minister and when people asked me where you are getting most of your rice I said Cape Mount; the best, cleanest and most beautiful rice I was getting was from Cape Mount,” Minister Cooper narrated.

She added: “So we are largely counting on the farmers in Grand Cape Mount County to lead the way in helping us to grow more food so that we can start to feed ourselves because when we were growing up we know what the Grand Cape Mount County Agriculture Cooperatives used to do.”

The Agriculture Minister disclosed that the donation is just the beginning of the many help the Government of Liberia and its partners anticipate giving out to Liberian farmers so that they can grow more food.

For her part, Grand Cape Mount County Agriculture Coordinator, Famatta Jebbeh Kamara lauded the President of Liberia and the Minister of Agriculture for the donation to the farmers in the county.

Madam Kamara indicated that farmers in the county have long been wishing for such empowerment, citing that with the opportunity farmers of the county can subsequently contribute to the agricultural development of the country.

The Grand Cape Mount County Agriculture Coordinator also urged the farmers to use the farming donations for the intended purpose, noting that the success of the county depends on them.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Sekou Sesay expressed gratitude to the President of Liberia through the Minister of Agriculture for the donation and promised they will make maximum use of the items.

Sesay assured the Government that farmers in the county will work hard to bring back those glorious days that once put the county at the zenith of agricultural productivity.

However, Sesay admonished the Ministry of Agriculture and other would-be donors of seedling to observe the timing of the donation so that it can be managed properly.

“What can happen to us is that they can bring rice seedling to us during rainy season, July and August, so we are saying they should take the time into consideration when they are coming with these seedlings,” he advised.

The beneficiaries also called on the Ministry of Agriculture to put in place a monitoring system to ensure that people receiving the donation use it for the intended purpose.


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