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Ampah-Bennin wins first episode of ‘Touch of France’ show

  22 Novembre      104        Arts & Cultures (1694),


Accra, Nov 22, GNA- Mr Nana Kofi Ampah-Bennin, a 32-year old consultant, has emerged winner of the first episode of ‘Touch of France’ show, which airs on GHoneTV every Sunday at 1200 hours and every Saturday on Metro Tv at 1400 hours.
‘Touch of France’ is a television show based on the concept of propagating the open cultural exchange between France and Ghana.
It consists of four main segments including Business, Arts and Culture, Education and Language learning.
Each 60-minute episode features a special in-studio guest (businesspersons, influencers and politicians) that will engage in both a setting for explorative information sharing and entertaining discussion.
The informative and distinctive programme is hosted by Madam Anne Sophie Avè, the French Ambassador to Ghana; and celebrated Ghanaian football icon Abedi Pele and French former footballer Marcel Desailly were the first guests who appeared on the first episode.
Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), after the presentation, Madam Avè noted that the season one comprises of 13 episodes, as the show talks about France and its culture using themes that were in the interest of France and Ghana.
She said the guests could tell a better story of their experience about France, saying “the main idea is to share the culture as realistically as you Ghanaians have shared with me for the past two years”.
The French Ambassador told GNA that the show also includes documentaries that highlights what France was doing in Ghana, in different areas; the Associations they are supporting, the sport events, describing sports as an important tool for development.
“This show addresses different themes, bridging Ghana and France, it aims at showing that on many areas we are very much alike, and we have a lot in common”.
Mr Kwasi Tabiri, Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon Ghana, said as a sponsor of the show, their partnership with the French Embassy, aimed at helping Ghanaians to learn the French culture.
He said Ghana was surrounded by French speaking countries, as such, the more economic links one could have with countries within the sub region, would largely depend on the ability to speak a common language.
Mr Abedi Pele, who commended the French Ambassador for bringing the two communities together, also reiterated the need for Ghanaians to learn the French Language so as to facilitate integration into the Francophone community for a common interest.
He said the programme would create an opportunity for people to be educated, in a broader picture, and therefore, encouraged the public to watch ‘Touch of France’ which throws more light on the relation between Ghanaians and the French.
Mr Ampah-Bennin, winner of the first episode, also told GNA that he had passion for football and so when he saw Abedi Pele and Marcel Desailly, he developed the interest to watch the show; and that was his first motivation.
He said whiles watching, viewers were asked to answer some questions via text message, adding that “I was able to answer correctly and in two days I received a text message indicating that I have won”.

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