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« An African Story of our Time » on irregular migration launched

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By Julius K. Satsi, GNA

Accra, Dec. 3, GNA- A book titled « An African Story of our Time » authored by Mr Kwesi Anim-Addo, has been launched to narrate the challenges individual irregular migrants go through travelling abroad in search for greener pastures.

The 31-chapter book with 577pages narrates the ordeal that young Africans go through upon migrating into England to avoid deportation.

The book, published by Smartline publications advances the situations, which triggered the quest for young Africans to travel in search for greener pastures and highlights the challenges associated with such ventures.

Commenting on the book, Mr Kwesi Anim-Addo, he had written earlier in the 1980s during the era of Military action in Ghana, which sparked the need for Ghanaians to run and seek safer and better lives.

Mr Anim-Addo said the book was not published earlier because he was unsure of how the book would be appreciated at the time because the setting was in England and thought many Ghanaians might not find it interesting to read.

He indicated that none of the incidents described in the non-fictional book was a conjecture and that all the incidents were real but only names of characters changed.

He expressed his appreciation to Professor Atukwei Okai, the General Secretary of Pan African Writers Association for being the first person in Ghana to have read the script after their initial meeting in 2008 and had encouraged that the scripts were good for publication.

Mr Anim-Addo said Professor Atukwei Okai introduced him to Mr Elliot Agyare, the Chief Executive Officer of Smatline Publications who accepted to publish the book.

He was appreciative to Mr Larry Otoo, the artists who designed the cover of the book after reading it in a month’s duration.

He indicated that although the book had been described as arrogant, he believed that those are his thoughts and that thoughts were never arrogant but rather provocative saying, « thought is always provocative but not arrogant ».

The author said although some reviewers had noted that the character Dr Edin’s behavior was too risqué and that nobody would behave like that, recent happenings in the America has shown that worst could happen.

Mr Anim-Addo advised Africans to be hardworking and continue to have hope in the economy of Africa saying, « the grass is not always greener at the other side ».



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