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Asky Airline to fly winner of Kwahu Marathon to South Africa

  20 Février      1        Sport (3479),


  Pan- African airline – Asky Airlines will fly the winner of the 2020 Kwahu Easter Marathon to one of their new destinations – Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of the prize package.
      This is to enable the ultimate winner to participate in one of the international marathons in South Africa.
     Asky Airlines – one of the fastest growing airlines on the continent announced the package on Thursday, February 20, after successfully concluding a deal with the organisers – Medivents Consult.
     Mr. Worlanyo Afadzinu – Country Manager of Asky Airline said, his outfit was delighted to be part of the event that had seen significant growth in the last few years.
     « We believe in providing support for a competitive and fast-growing brand, and Kwahu Easter Marathon is one of the events we have identified to support.
     « We are looking forward to flying the winner to one of our new destinations either on holidays or engage in an international marathon of his choice.
     « We hope this opportunity will be utilised by the winner and bring further honours to the nation by performing well at the event, » he added.
     According to Mr. Afadzinu – they are looking forward to having further collaboration with the organisers of the event in the future.
     Mr. William Ezah – Project Manager of Kwahu Easter Marathon expressed appreciation to the airline for their support.
     « We are grateful for your kind gesture. We are bent on making the event one of the biggest in Ghana and the sub-region.
     « We will put in the needed measures to ensure a successful event, » he added.
      The 2020 Kwahu Easter Marathon which is in the third edition will be held on Saturday, April 11, from Nkwakaw to the forecourt of the Kwahu Traditional Council (KTC).
      Asky joins the likes of GOIL, Elbee Appliances, Parin Africa, Ashfoam, Golden Tree Chocolate, MJ Grand Hotel, and Teikma Sports Wears.
     About 1000 athletes are expected to participate in the 2020 edition of the competition.

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