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AWMA wants women to hold top position in media

Accra, March 8, GNA – Alliance for Women in Media Africa (AWMA) has backed the UN’s theme of ‘Press for progress theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) by calling for action to advance women in the worlds of broadcast, online, print, and radio media across Ghana.
AWMA’s call echoes the global movement of working together to elevate women, organise for equality, fight for parity and strive for authority, promotion, and financial gains.
The call was contained in a statement issued by AWMA to mark IWD 2018. The statement recognized the gains made by Ghanaian women in the media, including living trailblazers like Elizabeth Ohene, Salma Alhassan, Gifty Affenyi-Dadzie, Sarah Akrofi Quarcoo, Audrey Gadzekpo, Doris Yaa Dartey, among others, who had broken barriers and paved the way.
« Today, switch on your television, tune in to your radio, listen to the news and you will hear more women’s voices and see more women’s faces bringing you the news, more women hosts presenting  shows on television, radio and more women writing across online and traditional media, » it said.
The statement noted, however, that progress required more than faces hosting and fronting shows, to women in media having authority, promotion and financial parity to more fully develop the media industry.
« To press for progress in Ghana’s media, women need to be in seats of power and decision-making as well as on camera and on the mic, » it said.     « AWMA calls on media houses and the media industry to do much more than pay lip service to gender; by advancing practical pathways to promotion, to engage talented, brilliant women with the tools and the opportunity to rise and lead within media.
« We also call on women in media, to rise up to the challenge and realize their fullest potential. Venture into new territories and seek and take advantage of various opportunities to build more capacity to lead and be impactful across the media industry, » it stated.
AWMA Founder, Shamima Muslim Alhassan said: « A nation that recognises the critical role of the media in advancing it’s progress, should recognise that without the progress of its women in media, the voices, stories, and images of all women will continue to be insufficiently, unequally and improperly represented ».
It said AWMA would monitor and give citation to media houses that had a majority of their major shows hosted and produced by women on IWD on March 8th, in solidarity with the theme and in support of women’s importance and myriad roles they played in the media.
AWMA represents over 180 media women in Ghana.
On 20th March, AWMA will hold its debut event under the theme: « Press for Progress-Ghana Women in Media Shaping Our Future. »
It would include perspectives from the living legends regarding lessons they learned, where they failed and what they would like to see change.
The event will bring together women media practitioners, women media academics, women media communication students.
It is the first of what will be AWMA’s women’s month event for women in the media in Ghana and it will be held at the British Council Hall.


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