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BESSFA Rural Bank rolls out measures to promote customer care services

  16 Novembre      39        Economie (21983), Finance (3696),



By Jerry Azanduna, GNA

Accra, Nov. 16, GNA – The BESSFA Rural Bank, operating in the Garu-Tempane district and Bawku in the Upper East Region and parts of the Northern Region, has introduced customer care services that would promote the welfare of its customers.

The bank has begun running services such as the U-connect Platform Services which allows customers to use their mobile phones and other electronic devices that are connected to the internet to transact business with the bank, operate inter-banking services and check credit balance among others without going to the banking premises.

The move is aimed at creating an enabling banking environment to allow customers enjoy the presence and essence of rural banking.

Mr Solomon Awini, the Manager of the Bank, said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Garu.

He said with the U-connect service, customers could sit in the comfort of their homes and transact banking services such as money transfer from one bank to the other, pay bills including water and electricity among others.

Mr Awini said community members residing outside Garu could save their monies with the BESSFA Bank through the U-connect system where ever they were by going to any bank to deposit the money into their U-connect account.

He said saving with the BESSFA bank was an ultimate opportunity that enabled one to keep money away from robbers, thieves, and could afford one the chance to access credit loans.

Mr Awini said saving with the bank would make one credit worthy and qualifies one to enjoy the interest percentage which ranges from six to eight per cent of one thousand Cedis and beyond and a good interest on fixed deposit

Mr Awini said the bank currently operates with products including the trust educational accounts, micro-insurance, life time assurance, E-Zwich, Automobile Money Machine (A T M) and banking transaction message alerts.

He said as part of the bank’s cooperate responsibilities, it has supported about 153 farmer groups in the Bawku area to expand their farms.

Mr Awini assured customers of safety and called on all to buy shares from the bank.



16 November, 2017

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