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“Challenges Kill Girls’ Dream” – Says First Lady Weah

  15 Octobre      10        Société (24021),


MONROVIA, Oct. 14 (LINA) – First Lady Clar Marie Weah is calling for concerted efforts to address challenges confronting girls in Liberia and around the world.

Mrs. Weah said Liberian girls and their counterparts in other parts of the world face various forms of injustices, including discrimination and sexual gender-based violence, among others.

Speaking when she addressed the official ceremonies marking the International Day of the Girl Child via zoom in Monrovia, the First Lady disclosed that said challenges were hindering the growth and development of girls.


“We cannot celebrate you without acknowledging the injustices and challenges, including social and economic discrimination and Gender- Based Violence that you along with millions of girls around the world are faced with,” Mrs. Weah asserted.

“These prevent you from earning an education, thereby killing your dreams.  We must tackle all these challenges.”

The Liberian First Lady, however, assured girls, who she referred to as ‘her daughters’ that ensuring the protection of their rights, including equal access to opportunities, a safe space, and basic empowerment initiatives, is her top priority.

Mrs. Weah believes that once girls are fully empowered through education they can meaningfully contribute, not only to the reconstruction and development of their country but also realize their dreams and create a better world for generations.

She praised the great potential and dynamism of Liberian girls and re-affirmed her commitment not to rest until women and girls in Liberia have access to the needed opportunities.

“Empowered girls and women are essential for our development; and one of my goals is to empower you through education. Education transforms you, empowers you, helps you achieve your dreams, and live your life to the fullest.

“You have great potential and our role is to make sure that you have equal access as our boys, to education and employment so that you can take control of your future.

“We shall continue the fight to break all barriers so that you can create a more prosperous world for future generations.”

The Liberian First Lady, however, admonished girls to believe in themselves and work towards achieving their dreams, stressing that the development of their beloved country Liberia rests on their shoulders.

“You are indispensable and Liberia depends on you. Your voice matters! So don’t be deterred! Don’t be afraid! And never give up. Rise up girls, exert the power in you and take your place as leaders of our world,” Mrs. Weah asserted.

The International Day of the Girl Child is an annual event commemorated on October 11 to advocate for the protection of girls’ rights, among others.

The IDG 2020 was officially commemorated in Liberia on Monday, October 12, under the global theme: “My Voice, My Equal Future.”

In keeping with COVID-19 protocols, the ceremony held in Monrovia maintained a minimum number of attendants in the hall, while allowing several others, including the First Lady and the Gender Minister, to participate via zoom.

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