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Commerce Ministry Shuts Down Mukesh Shopping Centre Over ‘Poor Goods’

  22 Mai      22        Société (39959),


MONROVIA May 22 (LINA) – The Ministry of Commerce Inspectorate Division on Tuesday temporarily closed the Mukesk Shopping Centre located in Vai Town, Bushord Island following the discovery of a consignment of « contaminated goods » in the warehouse of the entity.

The inspection of the facilities of Mukesh Shopping Centre is part of an ongoing exercise by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) which is expected to last for a period of one month.

During the inspection at Mukesh warehouse on Tuesday, the MoC inspectorate team saw several cartoons of noodles, bags of onions and stock pile of alcoholic beverages, among other goods, soaked in a pool of foul-smelling fluid.

It was discovered by inspectors of the MoC and journalists accompanying the team that there was a stench of liquid being discharged from a burst pipe conveying sewage to a septic tank being used by occupants of several apartment blocks above the warehouse of the shopping center.

A huge pile of dirt was also discovered lying next to the already soiled goods which by sight rendered it harmful for consumption.

MoC Inspector General Josephine Davies told journalists during the inspection exercise that the Ministry is halting the sale of good by the shopping center and that the entity will be fined in accordance with the law andregulations of the Ministry.

Davies disclosed that the Monrovia City Cooperation has been informed to come and quantify the dirt, bill it and clear the dirt from the shopping center.

When asked by journalists on the poor state of its warehouse, the Manager of Mukesh Shopping Center Sunny Shijwaui, said the contaminated goods in the ware house were not for sale.

Shijwaui said the entity has no intention of selling the goods, noting that ‘the goods are not expired but only damaged by the water from the septic tank. »

He, however, pleaded with the MoC to give him time to fix the place.


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