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Court Grants 5 CBL Former Officials Surety Bond

  16 Juin      7        Justice (2228),



MONROVIA, June 16 (LINA) – The Criminal Court « C » at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia has granted the bonds filed by five former officials of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) who were recently indicted for allegedly stealing over L$2.6 billion.

The granting of the bonds on Friday came as a result of a prosecution motion for justification of the sureties filed by the defendants, arguing that the bonds were not sufficient to have the defendants released from further detention.

On March 14, prosecution lawyers filed a seven count exception to the bail bonds filed by the defendants, challenging the sufficiency and adequacy of the bonds.

But Criminal Court « C » Presiding Judge Peter W. Gbeneweleh, in granting the bonds filed by the five indictees, said the bonds were sufficient and adequate to release them from further pre-trial detention and also secure and guarantee their appearance before the court when required.

Judge Gbeneweleh said that the sureties of the defendants are also legally qualified to secure their day-to-day appearance before the court.

Defendant Milton Weeks filed a property evaluation bond for the sum of U$909,198 to secure his release from detention, while defendants Charles Sirleaf, Richard H. Walker, Dobor Hagba, and Joseph Dennis filed a total bond of US$240,000.00, with each of the defendants filing their respective criminal appearance bond of US$60,000 obtained from the Accident and Causality Insurance Company (ACICO).

Milton weeks, Charles Sirleaf, Dobor Hagba, Joseph Dennis, and Richard H. walker were arrested by the government of Liberia in connection to the L$2.6billon saga over the alleged illegal printing of the amount.

Following their arrest by the police they were charged with economic sabotage, criminal facilitation, and criminal conspiracy and are currently indicted by the grand jurors of the court since the February term.

Meanwhile, full trial of the case will begin Monday, June 17.

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