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COVID-19: Inforpress joins the initiative “a recovered from COVID-19 a fruit tree”

  28 Juillet      4        Médias (1365),


Praia Jul 28 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean Press Agency (Inforpress) participated on Saturday in the planting of fruit trees at the National Stadium, responding to an invitation from the stadium management, which currently works as a field hospital for COVID-19 patients.
It is an action that is part of the initiative “a recovered from COVID-19 a fruit tree” that, according to the National Stadium’s manager, Orlandinho Mascarenhas, aims, on the one hand, to mark “the positive way” for everyone to pass COVID-19 patients in that field hospital and, on the other hand, create a green space in what is the largest sports infrastructure in the country.
“The idea of ​​planting is important because it ends up creating a green space around the stadium, but our intention with this gesture is also for people to have a real idea of ​​the situation in which we are living. We have been seeing reports that show that people are not yet aware of what is happening,” he said.
That is why the idea to ​​also involving journalists and the media in this initiative. “We know that every awareness campaign counts. So it is in this sense that we are welcoming you here and I hope it will be another contribution to enhance this cause to fight against COVID-19”, said the manager, adding that it is also a way of recognizing the work that a whole team of professionals does for maintain the smooth running of the stadium and field hospital.

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