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COVID-19: Members unwilling to wear mask should stay away -Church

  31 Janvier      26        Santé (9557),


Accra, Jan. 31, GNA- The Reverend Francis Narterh, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church Adenta (CBCA), has asked members who are unwilling to wear face masks not to come to church at all.

He re-emphasised the directive against hand shaking and waving of handkerchiefs during church services and said the “Church is not joking with observance of COVID-19 protocols”.

Rev. Narterh, who was addressing the Church on Sunday, ahead of the sermon, said the Church was prepared to give face masks to members and visitors who were without them but those unwilling to wear the masks properly should “stay away”.

He said the strict enforcement of the protocols was to help contain the spread of the virus in view of the increasing cases being recorded in the country.

“We are not joking with this. It is hitting harder so if you’re not feeling well, go and check. It is free now. If we record any case here, there will be contact tracing and you know what that means for the Church. So let’s all try and follow the protocols and may God give us all the grace, Amen,” he stated.

He said though the Church had not recorded any case, it was important that the protocols were enforced strictly and members constantly reminded to ensure the safety of all.

“Our dedicated apartment for suspected cases is empty. Never used and we are happy but we must not drop our guard. Our medical committee is monitoring every step and we are committed to protect all our members and visitors,” Rev. Narterh added.

The Ghana News Agency observed that all congregants were in face masks and had their temperatures taken before allowed entry into the auditorium.

Their names and contacts were also taken.
Some members of the Church, welcomed the Senior Pastor’s caution and said strict enforcement was the way to keep the virus away.

There have been calls for government to restrict social gatherings, including church activities and funerals, to contain the spread of the virus.

Ghana has a total of 65,427 confirmed cases, 4,665 active cases, 797 new cases, 60,357 recoveries/discharges with 405 deaths, according to the Ghana Health Service’s latest update.

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