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Accra, Aug. 10,, an online book marketing hub and e-commerce website, has launched its new website with books from Ghanaian authors.
The initiative is to help “average authors” with no influence or springboard, reap their investments of “precious time and hard-earned money poured into writing and publishing of books.”
The site will offer authors and publishers the opportunity to market their books.
Madam Juliet Enam Obiri, Public Relations Officer of the hub, at the launch said by bringing local authors, publishers and diverse marketing consultants together, books would be given their best chance at being sold, adding that, marketing services would be rendered by a long list of consultants, who would work with authors and publishers to guarantee more sales.
She said Cowriehub, believed that, every local author or publisher, had the right to achieve a bestseller as others anywhere in the world and that his outfit would ease the burden of authors’access to royalties from book purchases, with transparent reports of book sales.
Madam Obiri said with Cowriehub, readers would be able to, with a click, make purchases of books and have them expressly delivered to them anywhere in Ghana via Ghana Post EMS.
She said Cowriehub sought to revolutionize the African book industry by giving authors and publishers the opportunity to offer their customers a pre order of their new releases.
“This they can do while simultaneously building market momentum months ahead of their official launch date…Cowriehub is therefore looking to work with authors and publishers whose passion is to give their books the best chance of finding their way to readers in the marketplace,” Madam Obiri added.

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