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Dagbang Forum calls on the youth to respect Ya-Naa’s authority

  14 Septembre      6        Société (22909),


Accra, Sept. 14, GNA – The National Executives of the Dagbang Forum have called on the youth of Dagbang to respect the leadership of the area to sustain the peace they were enjoying after the enskinment of Ya-Na Abukari II as the overlord.
“The youth are seen in several video footages engaged in destructive violence threatening the peace of the area and posing danger to human lives and property. They are also said to have been spewing venom and putting up a certain posture that sought to undermine the powers and authority of the King of Dagbang, Ya-Na Abukari II.”
A statement signed by Dr. Abdulai Sulemana Mobson,  National President of Dagbang Forum on Monday and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said, there could be no justification for actions seeking to undermine the Ya-Na’s authority as was happening in Karaga and in April last year in Nanton.
The statement said the Dagbang peace process was in a nascent state, requiring all sections of the society to dig deep within their hearts and souls to help in the attainment of lasting peace, adding, « We appeal for calm, surely there are less violent ways of showing displeasure when the Overlord of Dagbang has spoken on an issue. »
The statement said Ya-Na Abukari II on Friday September 11, 2020 enskinned one Abdulai Nantogma Abdulai as the chief of Karaga, a decision that had been challenged by the Ragent of Karaga.
It said the ground-breaking Road Map presented by the Eminent Kings, and bravely implemented by the Government, provides a framework for peace building, and enjoins on all stakeholders to have the overriding interest of the people of Dagbang at heart.
« There are many more funerals to be performed and many chieftaincy positions to be filled. We should be finding ways of supporting the Yaa Na, the Dagbang Traditional Council (DTC) and the various institutions of governance to manage the increasingly complex situation created by nearly 40 years of mistrust, tension and chaos, » the statement said.
It said: « Decisions will be made and some people are bound to be unhappy with efforts being made to fill numerous vacant chiefships ».
The statement added that barely two years after the hard work of the Eminent Kings to secure a lasting peace in Dagbang, government and the chiefs and people of Dagbang must show honesty, sincerity and inclusive dialogue among stakeholders to avoid what is being seen today and call for calm in Karaga and its environs.
It said it was incumbent on all Dagbamba to endeavour to invest respect and power in Ndan Ya-Na and that under no circumstance should the authority of the Overlord be challenged in that manner.
« We should trust in his ability and wisdom to rule us in a manner that detoxifies the archaic Abudu/Andani divide and bring honour to all Dagbamba.  More of our dialogues and discussions should be on development rather than conflict resolution ».

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