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Easing restrictions on churches doesn’t mean COVID-19 pandemic is over

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Accra, Aug. 2, GNA- Easing of restrictions on churches by the President does not mean the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Dr. Emmanuel Obeng Appau, a deacon of the Assemblies of God Church, has therefore urged Christians to take good care of themselves by strictly adhering to the safety protocols.

He was speaking at the Berean Assemblies of God Church at Manet-Ogbojo, near Madina in Accra as part of the church’s weekly educational drive on the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Deacon Appau lauded the President for easing the restrictions and explained that « easing the restrictions did not mean easing the safety protocols ».

He noted that despite easing the restrictions, people continued to flout some protocols such as not wearing mask in public transport and places.

« Put on your face mask because vehicles are now taking their full capacities. In case, one sneezes on you, you will not be infected. »

According to him, wearing of mask and proper washing of hands with soaps could save people from contracting COVID-19.

Additionally, he noted that, washing of hands with soap could curtail the spread of the virus after one touched an infected surface or handles.

The Berean Assemblies of God Church continue to adhere strictly to the COVD-19 Safety protocols by ensuring that congregants’ temperatures are taken after washing their hands with soap under running water.

Details and particulars of congregants are also taken and hands sanitized with alcohol based sanitizer before entering the church.

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