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Entrepreneurs should generate ideas – Mr Potter

Accra, Jan. 30 (GNA) – Mr Michael Potter, an International Management Development Trainer, has asked entrepreneurs to generate ideas.

He said the ground rules for generating ideas are that entrepreneurs should learn to listen for ideas and give their skills a knowledge.

Speaking at an entrepreneurship event organised by the Chattered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in Accra, Mr Potter advised the attendees to have more imagination since it encircles the world instead of knowledge, which is limited.

The theme for the event: « Innovation, Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship – Perspective of Michael A. Potter, » aimed at helping people to tap into their innovative minds and resurrect their entrepreneurial skills.

He said one does not necessary have to be creative to be a successful entrepreneur but must work for the right organisation.

He said the human characteristics be it an introvert or extrovert decides whether a person is creative or not.

« A creative individual must be kept outside the box so as to perform well least they become rebellious, » he said.

He said being innovative is doing something different and as a creative minded person, it is essential for an innovative man to think outside the box.

Mr Potter said matrix management is the latest way of doing work and it helps people from different departments or fraternity of an organisation come together to work on projects.

He explained that the link between innovation and creativity is a new model, which means that for entrepreneurs to prepare for the future or new generation they must develop project management skills.

Mr Potter said: « Though being an entrepreneur is risky and is accompanied by a high level of stress, it gives one the opportunity to create his own business, reach his own potentials as well as reap extraordinary profits. »

He asked entrepreneurs to know their business in depth and develop a good, effective and solid business plan and also have a thorough and complete financial statement to prevent failure of their various investments.


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