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GCIC Green Business Roadshow begins in Sunyani

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By Nana Osei Kyeretwie, GNA
Accra, Aug. 2, GNA – The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), has commenced series of road shows dubbed: « GCIC Green Business Roadshow, » slated to take place in all the 10 regional capitals.
The roadshows provide a platform for the Centre to engage with a wider range of stakeholders in Ghana’s green economy and the first of its kind was held in Sunyani.
A key feature of the event was the Climate Innovation Forum, where the Centre hosted an assembly to engage stakeholders.
The forum attracted about 150 participants and provided space for the GCIC to guide entrepreneurs involved in climate innovation ventures through the application process to be admitted into the GCIC Incubator programme.
Speaking on behalf of Ms Ruka Sanusi, Head of the Centre, to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of the forum, Mr Abdul-Nasser Alidu, the Marketing Director of GCIC said the Centre was pioneering the incubator project with the objective to support entrepreneurs in developing profitable and locally-appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in Ghana.
Its vision is « to be the preferred green economy business incubator for the small and growing business sector in Ghana », with a mission « to constantly create and support an exceptional set of transformational innovative venture pioneering adaptive and mitigating solution for climate change issues in Ghana », Mr Alidu said.
The Centres key focus is on businesses operating within the areas of energy efficiency, domestic waste management, solar energy, water supply management and purification and climate smart agriculture, he stated.
Mr Alidu said the GCIC was part of the World Bank’s climate technology programme and its global network of climate innovation centres which included centres in Caribbean, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Vietnam.
Supported by the governments of Denmark and The Netherlands, the Centre is managed by a consortium led by the Ashesi University College and includes Ernst & Young, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the United Nation’s University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa, he added.
2 Aug. 17
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