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Ghana is facing environmental crisis- Dr Acquah

  28 Avril      33        Science (527),


By Joyce Danso, GNA

Accra April 27, 2017 (GNA) – A Geoscientist says the impact of Galamsey on the environment had taken environmental degradation of the country to a higher level of decline.
According to him « The country is currently facing an environmental crisis which requires us all to be actively involved in addressing the environmental challenges. »
Dr Peter C. Acquah, a fellow of the Ghana Institution of Geoscientists, said this at the Inaugural ceremony of the Institution’s Executives in Accra.
According to him, illegal or small scale mining did not have to be destructive to the country’s lands and rivers and asked that policies and scientific underpinnings to mining be followed.
Referring to a Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA), Dr Acquah said estimated economic cost of poor environmental management and sanitation was at 10 per cent of Gross Domestic Product in 2010.
He, therefore, appealed to members of the Institution to address Ghana’s environmental challenges by getting involved in prospecting and demarcation of areas for Artisanal Small Scale Mining.
According to him, members could also offer solutions to processing of mined materials and advise on sustainability in that sector.
Dr Acquah, who swore- in the executives of the Institution, further admonished his colleagues to participate in the sustainable use of the country’s lands and its resources, particularly, the mineral resources.
The Geoscientist observed that Ghana although endowed with natural resources, did not know that extent of what it had and called for assessment of the country’s resources so that policy makers and stakeholders could plan, conserve and sustain them.
He was not happy that Ghana’s ecosystems were on the verge of collapsing noting that ‘Clean and healthy rivers were generally good indicators of the health of the country’s environment.’


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