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Ghana needs renewable-energy-Suka Power

  28 Octobre      35        Science (508),


Tema, Oct. 28, GNA-Mr. Suka Abdul W Raag, Managing Director for Suka Power Limited, an entrepreneur in solar power has appealed to the government to convert from the usage of fossil fuel to renewable energy.
  “The future of renewable energy business in Africa is huge,” Mr Suka told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on the need for the usage of renewable energy during a workshop to equip NABCO trainees of the potentials in the renewable energy sector.
  Mr. Suka said the future of the renewable energy in Africa as business was huge, especially for those living at the south of the equator.
  He said, Ghana was a land to start a solar business because the nation was literally enveloped by sunshine, “we have so much sunshine and choosing Ghana as a case study to supply the rest of the world with solar energy is a big step in the right direction.
  “I have been in renewable energy business for over 10 years and the challenges in the renewable energy sector is that, many people in government are uninformed properly about renewable energy.
  “We are not saying they are ignorant about the benefit of renewable energy but the problem is mainly because either lobbyers in the other sector such fossil fuel who are opposed to renewable energy business has the government attention better than those in the renewable energy sector”.
  He said players in the renewable energy sector are appealing to the government to actually take off taxes completely from any renewable energy product to attract people to embrace it.
  According to Mr. Suka, for any industry to prosper, government have to take a lead and become the first organization to purchase and make it accessible for others to join but all successive government has been poor at doing that.
  “I want to encourage Ghanaians to research more, you don’t need to do degree level research to know what is going on in the renewable energy sector and also entreat the media to collaborates with Suka Power to educate the public on renewable energy,” he said.

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