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Ghana requires reliable data to achieve SDG three

  26 Janvier      25        Santé (9538), Société (29422),


Sunyani, Jan. 26, GNA – Reliable data and evidence-based planning is prerequisite for Ghana to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) three by 2030, Mr Raphael God Ahenu, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Foundation (GLOMeF) has said.
The UN global goal three, among others, seeks to guarantee healthy lives, and promote the total well-being of all.
Strategic use of data will inform policy formulation and implementation and greatly contribute to the prevention of maternal and child mortality, Mr Ahenu explained.
GLOMeF is a human rights and anti-corruption media advocacy non-government organization, which works to improve the socio-economic livelihoods of vulnerable people in society.
Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani on Tuesday, Mr Ahenu said though the nation had made progress in vaccination coverage, there were still considerable challenges that hindered the attainment of universal coverage for child immunization.
Some of these challenges, which needed to be addressed include inaccessible road networks and inadequate health personnel in rural areas.
Globally, Mr Ahenu said an estimated 14 million infants were denied vaccination services, which contributed to an increase in child mortality.
He, therefore, underscored the need for the nation to work hard towards achieving universal coverage of immunization as a driver to reduce child mortality.
“In order to address stagnation and inequities in the health delivery system, it is imperative for the nation to address bottlenecks impeding full coverage of child immunization,” Mr Ahenu added.
He called for the empowerment of rural women and girls to support national immunization exercises.
He indicated that timely vaccination of children was a proven method for saving lives from vaccine-preventable diseases and that could help the nation attain the global goals.
He appealed to other NGOs and CSOs, philanthropic organizations and individuals and corporate bodies to support national immunization exercises.
“No child should be allowed to die from preventable diseases. Every child in Ghana should be able to reach or attain his or her full potential in life and we are doing everything possible for the nation to achieve that.”

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