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Ghana: Youth Development book launched

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Accra, Sept. 26, GNA – A youth development book titled, « Rise Up Christian Youth » has been launched in Accra to serve as a guide towards the growth and development of youth amidst proper upbringing barriers caused by modernisation.

The 58-page book has eight chapters that address issues on the youth concept with its roles and responsibilities; obedience to God and parents; proper time management; making good choices and description of self-esteem; and the need to take advantage of certain situations.

Mr Anthony Dzatse, Author of the Book and a Social Scientist, addressing attendees at the launch said he was inspired to write the book because of the paths the current youth have chosen, which was leading them astray.

He said the fundamental upbringing of the youth was not the sole responsibility of one person, adding that the youth was faced with economical, social, physical and cultural challenges.

« Besides the above challenges, the youth are caught up in the web of pressure originating from advertisement to the masters and champions of the capitalists’ culture, adverts of drinks, smoking of cigarettes and marijuana, unwise use of modern gadgets; from a worldwide cultural indoctrination from television, movies and the internet, » he said.

He emphasised that such acts have negative effects on the youth and led them to immoral behaviour, examination malpractices, nudity, acts of indiscipline, indecent dress code, intolerance, excessive noise making, sexual promiscuity, and moral bankruptcy in the country’s educational institutions.

« And now some youth are playing the devil’s advocate of same sex practices which are not conventional behaviours acceptable in our society, » he said.

Mr Dzatse said a country could never have a better tomorrow without investing in its youth, because the country’s endowment depended on its attention to the investment and development of the youth.

He said in his interactions with the youth, he found out they were basically the same almost always and everywhere nervous, anxious and timid.

He, therefore, noted that the book was written to provide the youth with tools they needed to overcome life situations and circumstances and act with positive mind-set to succeed in life.

Dr Bernice Heloo, Member of Parliament for Hohoe, who graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour at the launch, commended the Author for choosing its title because it was appropriate.

She said: « I am very concerned with how the youth has taken over social media and if care is not taken, we cannot control them in few years to come ».

She said the youth now finds no interest in courtesy educating books, but rather finds interest in usage of social media and indulging in immoral acts.

« On Friday nights, they enjoy going to clubs and find it challenging to attend church on Sundays, therefore I am very happy with our brother Dzatse has thought of the progress of the youth and we hope it contributes to the development of our youth, »she said.

Mrs Christiana Gockle, Executive Director of the Insight Foundation Ghana, a nongovernmental organisation that promotes female education who launched the book commended the Author for his initiative to retune the minds of the youth from negativity to positivity.

She mentioned prayer, planning, preparation, practice, presentation as five basic tips among others found in the book to revamp initiatives of individuals to improve their lives.

She advised schools and churches to purchase the book and use it as a guide in shaping the lives of their youth.

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