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GHS takes COVID-19 campaign to hotspots, markets in Accra

  14 Février      10        Santé (9557),


  Accra, Feb. 14, GNA-The Health Promotion Division of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has  embarked on series of  COVID-19 prevention and awareness campaign in  principal markets  and hotspots in the Greater Accra Region.
      The campaign, on the theme, “mask is a must”, is  to sensitise the population in hotspots areas.
     It targets a population of  about three thousand people, including market women, trotro drivers, street sellers and various workplaces.
The goal is to educate the target population on the causes, mode of transmission, symptoms and the preventive protocols of Covid-19.
The campaign activities are mapped out in close coordination with various market women associations, leaders of various transport unions and Leaders of various Lorry parks, sellers and patrons of markets.
About four thousand (4000) social and behaviour change communication materials, including posters and leaflets on Covid-19 were distributed, the GNA was told.
About 2000 pieces of reusable facemasks were also distributed to people who were without masks.
“The recent resurgence of the virus worldwide has increased the challenge for WHO and health authorities and until a treatment or a vaccine is introduced in Ghana, we need to continue to collaborate to control the spread of the virus and raise community awareness on the importance of wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing and practising good hand hygiene,”  Dr DaCosta Aboagye,  Director of the Division, said.
“We urge every Ghanaian to follow these basic Health promotion measures to protect themselves and their families against this disease in order to resume the normal activities of our daily lives,” Dr Da Costa added.
Leadership of the various groups, transport unions, traders, drivers, and okada riders expressed joy and thanked the Service for the foresight.
They called for regular sensitisation and enforcement of the protocols.

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