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Global Evangelical Church Ministers urged to be apolitical in election period

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Accra, Aug. 23, GNA – The Right Reverend Dr. Setorwu Kwadzo Ofori, the Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, has advised Ministers of the Church to ‘watch’ their words as the nation enters a general election period.
Words, he noted could fuel tempers and lead to conflicts adding, words if not well spoken, could be detrimental to the welfare of the ordinary citizens and tarnish the reputation of a true man of God.
Rt. Rev. Ofori said as leaders, they should not to be biased in their speeches and sermons, but to be genuine in their presentations without toeing political party lines irrespective of whether they were sympathetic to any party or not.
Rt. Rev. Ofori who gave the advice on Sunday when the Church ordained 21 new Reverend Ministers to serve in its branches nationwide, also asked political parties to be faithful in their speeches, actions and promises in order to win genuine and true support from the people.
Speaking on the topic: ”Seeking the Lost”, the Moderator asked the Ministers to engage the members of the congregation and non-members of the Church in personal witnessing encounters, since not every member of the Church had given his or her life to Jesus Christ.
The Ministers were ordained after having gone through some years of successful commissioning service in their respective churches and attracted a recommendation from their churches.
They were Reuben Kwami Afatsawu, Vivian Tabita Amewu, Gabriel Kofi Mawuena Ampomah, Alfred Avornyo, Wisdom Morkporkpor Avortri, John Yao Aziato, John Kpodo Darku, Raymond Kwabla Dogbatse, Frank Kwasi Dzah, Nicholas Kwami Fiaka and Martin Fianu.
The rest were Esenam Ganyo, Godwin Gbadagba, John Kwaku Glago, Wisdom Komla Hodor, Nelson Kpatibi, Frank Nipah, Francis Owusu-Mensah, Simon Kwasi Tsigbey, Emmanuel Rexford Tukpeyi, and Anthony Kossivi Akpabla.
Each Minister affirmed his or her belief in one God and in Jesus Christ as a personal Lord and Saviour, and promised to discharge duties appropriately with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be a good Shepherd to the flock of Christ and to be faithful to his calling in and out of season.
The usual way of inviting the ministers in front of the alter and laying hands on them to pronounce blessings by the Moderator changed this time around as a result of the social distancing protocol amid the COVID-19.
Ministers were, therefore, invited to stand two-three metres away from the Moderator, and he prayed for them and asked for strength and courage for them as they took on the mantle.
Each Minister was later called to sign a formulae and to legalise his or her call to duty with the Church, and was thereafter, given a certificate of honour.
Rev. Mrs Esenam Ganyo, one of the newly-ordained Ministers told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that she was prepared to win more souls for God, and to strength the souls that were already for the Lord.
She also pledged to take care of the needy, abide by the directives of the Church, and promote the smooth running of the Church’s Administration.
Aug. 23, 2020

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