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Government urged to support COA-FS formula against COVID-19

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Accra, April 5, GNA – Dr Benjamin Anyagre, the General Secretary of the Ghana China Friendship Association, on Sunday appealed to the Government to support the Centre of Awareness Food Supplement (COA-FS) formula towards fighting the COVID-19.

The COA-FS formula, a novelty in the world of medicine, is a home grown African food supplement, and the result of research by Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, a Ghanaian Scientist.

It has 161 organic compounds and is patronised in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, China and many other countries for its potency to boost human immune system.

Dr Anyagre told the Ghana News Agency that the COA-FS active ingredient extracts from plants was discovered in 2016, and held great potential with regards to responding effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said: « Ghana, Africa and the entire world stand to gain immensely and as Dr Duncan, as a patriot, wants the nation to be the first beneficiary of COA-FS in the world ».

Dr Anyagre said in respecting research protocols, the COVID-19 outbreak called for quick and direct support to COA-FS to produce on a scale large enough to reach out to the entire globe.

He urged the Government to collaborate with Prof Duncan and bring out the full potential of his discovery.

« It is important to put in every effort to prevent a scenario where lack of proactive support would prevent him from effectively utilising the patent to the benefit of mankind.”

The COVID-19 outbreak, while being very unfortunate, had brought to bear the need for Africa to get rid of its dependency on others for aid, and begin to search from within for solutions that could benefit not only the Continent but the entire global community, Dr Agyare said.

He observed that the advanced world made achievements because they supported individuals who were naturally gifted and had a lot to contribute towards the well-being of mankind.

He described Prof Duncan as an asset to Ghana, the likes of whom must be protected and supported to help solve some of the major challenges of the world.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19, Prof Duncan, the Executive
President, Centre of Awareness (COA), Global Peace Mission, has called on the Government and the WHO to collaborate with the COA, the University of Ghana, and the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research on the COA-FS, with regards to its effectiveness in fighting the pandemic.

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