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Gov’t Saves US$9m From Recast Nat’l Budget – Tweah

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By Decontee M. Wesseh

Monrovia, March 19 (LINA) – Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) Minister Samuel D. Tweah, has said that the ministry has bagged a total of US$9 million in savings as the result of the recent budget recast.

Tweah said government’s focus is to ensure that the nation’s fiscal space is shifted towards the people and to further guarantee that resources are not bias towards employees of government, especially as it seeks to achieve its « pro-poor priorities. »

Tweah added that the MFDP will strive to identify means to reallocate resources to benefit the suffering and marginalized people across the country.

The Finance Minister spoke over the weekend when he addressed journalists at the Ministry of Information regular press conference.

Tweah believes that savings generated from a « payroll cleanup » exercise can be used to transform the poverty reduction programs to wealth creation programs to ensure that the people of Liberia receive a fair share of their citizenship.

« Let Liberians celebrate this change because it is the first of its kind in the history of Liberia that budgets are allocated to help ease the tension faced by poor parents and students, » Tweah said.

According to the Finance Minister, achieving development is not just a vision or plan, but rather the political will to solve problems.


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