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“Guarantee for only people you know”-EC cautions

  17 Juillet      5        Politique (16192),


Accra, July 17, GNA-The Electoral Commission has reminded people who want to guarantee for applicants that they should know such people before they become their guarantors.
“If it turns out that the applicant you guarantee for is not qualified, the guarantor will be held accountable including; prosecution”, Dr Bossman Eric Asare, Deputy Chair in charge of Corporate Service has said.
He discounted a debate in the public domain that the ‘Other’ specified in the guarantor form means anyone can guarantee for another person.
“The ‘Other’ is indicated because we cannot write all the possible relations of applicants. So the Commission expects that anyone guaranteeing who is not a parent or sibling will indicate the kind of relation such as uncle, teacher, and supervisor, among others. In essence, you must know people before you guarantee for them” he said.
He also asked eligible applicants not to give out their cards or telephone numbers to political party agents.
Dr Asare said the fact that the two main political party agents had agreed to take details at the registration centres did not make it mandatory for individual applicants to give out their cards to them.

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