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Huawei nova introduces futuristic selfies and excellent night photography

  9 Février      37        Technologie (781),


Smartphone enthusiasts are gearing up ahead of the news of the release of Huawei nova 5T onto the Ghanaian market as young people have high standards for smartphones, regarding their phones as an extension of their personality.
They demand a gadget with a fashionable design that can be shown in public and obtain validation from friends and acquaintances, a statement from Huawei to the Ghana News Agency said.
Performance is also key to the smartphone as students and young professionals try to make the most of their down time, and particularly appreciate lag-free gaming and video streaming.
“Perhaps most importantly, young users are inclined to use phone cameras in new and interesting ways, a trend that has accelerated due to the influence of social media platforms like Instagram, where sharable photography is front and center,” the statement said.
First unveiled in 2016, the HUAWEI nova series had been a pioneer in the youth market due to its painstaking efforts to incorporate first-rate aesthetics, elite performance, and next-level photography and over the past three years, it had become the choice of countless young users, making its popularity increase.
The Huawei ‘nova 4’ packs a 48 MP main camera, 16 MP ultra-wide angle lens, and ‘2 MP’ depth sensor, for a versatile rear tri-camera system.
 It raises the stakes for affordable smartphone photography by incorporating innovative and intelligent features, becoming the first model in its price range to include a 48 MP pixel count.
The nova 4’s powerful AI instantly recognises shooting scenarios, and automatically optimizes the camera parameters utilising unique hardware-software collaboration, to render pictures with unmatched complexity and subtlety.
The statement explained that the smartphone has a camera that magnifies each setting for users, capturing spontaneous visual splendor, which is crucial for appreciating the world that they have been thrown into.
 “The Huawei nova 4’s AIS handheld super night mode reproduces details that are hardly seen by the naked eye.”
When night mode is enabled, it activates a highly-inventive Quad Bayer pixel structure that greatly increases the photosensitive area per pixel, improving brightness and reducing image noise.
 Doing so, the statement said, it enhances nightscapes beyond previous limitations, fully retaining their natural aura while also expressing bold colors and detail.
According to the statement, the 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens is also a luxury in mid-range models.
The statement encouraged users who encounter a jaw-dropping scene, such as a glorious vista or expansive skyline, and demand a comprehensive end-to-end picture, to fit double within the frame.
“It’s also perfect for group pictures. While distortion around the edges is a fact of life for most wide-angle photography, the nova 4 avoids this by implementing powerful AI optimization that corrects distortion at a professional level,” the statement said.
Each new HUAWEI nova model has significant hardware and software improvements for increasingly dazzling photography and the ‘nova 4e’ is equipped with a 32 MP front camera for unmatched selfie performance, and to retain detail down to the level of individual hair strands.
“First-rate hardware on the nova 4 series provides users with three-dimensional beautification, which analyzes personal features, establishes a 3D facial model, and implements personalized beauty effects.”
The statement noted that it was likely that AI technology would be further upgraded, something that will have broad implications ranging from better scene recognition to improved detail reproduction at night shooting to faster processing.
“Furthermore, it’s possible that the tri-camera system will be upgraded to quad-camera. If so, the HUAWEI nova 5 would probably incorporate a macro lens, something we’ve seen on many recent high-end flagship models, a development has pushed close-up smartphone photography to new heights,” the statement said.

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