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Increment in water tariffs affect Car Washing Operators

  23 Février      17        Société (29453),


Tema, Feb. 23, GNA – Car Washing Bay Operators in Tema on Tuesday said increment in water tariffs is gradually grinding the business to ground zero, “we are charge commercial rate but due to economic constraints we cannot transfer total cost to customers”.
Mr. Eric Sarpong, Supervisor at Jordan Washing Bay near Unilever Company Limited, noted that periodic increment in water and electricity tariffs have crippled the business, “we pay high utility tariffs to both the Electricity Company of Ghana and Ghana Water Company, we need bailout”.
Mr Sarpong in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema attributed their predicament to the usage of Commercial Water Meters, it is however difficult to charge customers commercial rate “so we are forced under the circumstances to absorb part of the cost”.
He said under extreme conditions we are pressured to increase the fees we charge marginally but our customers also complain therefore we are pleading with ECG and Ghana Water to have a special tariff package for Car Washing Bar Operators.
Mr Sarpong said some operators were forced to use water from boreholes whiles others continue to use clean treated water. Using treated water to wash the vehicles was very expensive as compared to the boreholes, moreover the clean treated water was the ideal water for washing cars because it does not contain too much salt.
He explained that borehole water in Tema was very salty, therefore when it is used to wash a vehicle, it may cause the vehicle to become rusty and its colour sharpness would deteriorate.
Mr Sarpong revealed that it was not ideal to wash white coloured vehicles in the afternoon; to maintain its luster for longer period, such vehicle needs to be washed early in the morning or in the evening, while other coloured vehicles were not that sensitive.
He also advise car owners to be careful about the type of detergents used in washing their vehicles especially those who drove sensitive coloured vehicles.
Mr Marvin Adams, Supervisor at Bersalli Moonlight Washing Bay near Tema Sports Stadium, also told the GNA that the increment in water tariffs was affecting business.
Mr Adams said that the amount of water bill that came in was very high and sometimes the increase of the water bill caused Washing Bays to adjust and manage other water resources available.
Other Washing Bay Operators in the Central Business District of Tema have called on Government to intervention.

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