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Independent Presidential candidate in 2020 election calls for unity among supporters

  17 Janvier      14        Société (29533),


Accra, Jan. 17, GNA- Mr Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker, the Independent candidate for the 2020 general elections, has called for unity among his supporters to move the party forward.
   He said, “As a United One Ghana, we must stand firm, we must commit ourselves for the common goals and for the good people of this country in order to build a new Ghana.
  “We are here; we are not leaving than to change Ghana. This is what we stand for all of us, the good for all, for the next generation. This is why we are calling for you to come and join us so that we can eliminate the two dominant parties,” he noted
    Mr Walker was speaking at a get together organized for the supporters at his residence in Accra during the weekend.
   Mr Walker said politicians, who embezzled state funds, must be prosecuted and not allowed to walk free.
  “Criminals against sovereign country has no way for limitations. Corruption against sovereign country has no different limitations. For instance, Australia Finance Minister has been jailed, Madagascar, Mozambique they have all been investigated, Ghana is no different, we can do same,” he said.
    He said the 2020 election was the first time an independent presidential candidate created history and was able to match the two political parties in some of their strong holds to win votes.
   “This is the first time an independent candidate created history in the last elections. It is a clear indication of Ghana, for the first time an independent candidate, self- funding was able to stand up with the two dominant parties. We are all grateful that an example has been set.
   “History has already been made, the foundation has also been laid and we are here to build and to stand firm that these two political parties in this country, which has dominated the political scene for the pass 40 years and their works are there for all of us to see.”
   “They haven’t done it, they didn’t. I don’t think they are now going to do it. It is about self-serving interest, self-serving pockets, we shouldn’t allow them to continue.”
  Mr Asiedu urged the youth to help in the fight to end corruption in the country.

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