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Kabakaba hills on fire

  5 Janvier      31        Science (526),


Accra, Jan 5, GNA – Ravaging fire has swept through Kabakaba Hills overlooking Ho and destroyed millions of new seed production.

Mr Tordey Gershon Amaglo, Customer Service Officer of the Ho Municipal Forestry Commission, located at the foot of the Hills told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that vast acreage of the protective reserve had been destroyed by the fire within a week.

He said the perennial fire had made it difficult for trees such as Odum which take years to flower to grow in the reserve.

Mr Amaglo described the Hills as a « protective reserve » and not wildlife reserve to attract harvesting or hunting and blamed the fires on « accidental burning » by communities close to the reserve and Indian hemp smokers who had found new hideouts in the reserve.

He explained that inhabitants of communities close to the reserve disposed garbage in the reserve, which sometimes contained ash and fire, which could also cause bushfire in the dry season.

Mr Amaglo said fighting the raging fire was a difficult task for them and the Fire Service due to the mountainous nature of the Hills.

He appealed for the strengthening of the Community Forest Management Committee and fire volunteers to augment the resource guards of the Forestry Commission.

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