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Let Peace be the ultimate winner for Ghana- CSOs appeal.

  4 Décembre      13        Politique (14285),


Bolgatanga, Dec.4, GNA – Civil Society organizations(CSOs)in governance and Security have called on stakeholders in the country’s electioneering process to allow peace to be the ultimate winner in the coming elections.

They said the Electoral Commission, political parties, Government, CSOs, electorate and the media were critical in ensuring the process was peaceful before, during after the elections.

The CSOs with core mandate and unwavering commitment of advocating good governance, peaceful and secured environments made the call in a press release copied to the Ghana News Agency in Bolgatanga.

The statement said the Community Self –Reliance Centre (COSEREC) represented by Mr. Philip Ayamba as mouth piece of the organization stressed that the importance of a peaceful atmosphere for development could not be taken for granted.

“As we already know without peace, no serious development can take place”. It stated and added that “As December 7 is gradually approaching, COSEREC on behalf of the CSO’S in governance and security will like to entreat key stakeholders in Upper East Region in particular and the country as whole to re-dedicate themselves to a non-violent and peaceful elections”.

It enumerated the myriad of challenges the region faced as diseases, some conflict hotspots, unfavourable climatic conditions and poverty, which were real enemies that retarded development of the area and therefore challenged all to channel energies and resources in fighting them and not among themselves.

“A peaceful environment that will enable us fight the above stated enemies of the region successfully is highly indispensable and should therefore be pursued vigorously by all stakeholders as we march closer to December 7th 2020 and beyond”.

The statement also appealed to all presidential, parliamentary candidates and all those involved in the campaign trails to focus on issues instead of attacking personalities.

‘As a deprived region, the citizens are eager to listen to messages that will contribute to turning things round and tapping on the vast potentials of the region for better living conditions of the inhabitants”. It said and added that the fight against the deadly coronavirus continues unabated and as a nation, the need for a peaceful environment to fight it is crucial now than ever before.

“ The West African Centre for Counter Extremism(WACCE) ,the African Centre for Security and Counter –Terrorism(ACSCT) in collaboration with the CSOs in governance and Security highly appreciate the current relative peace prevailing in the country and thus campaigning for peaceful election 2020”. It appealed.

The CSOs also pleaded with any one dissatisfied with any of the election outcomes to seek redress through use of appropriate channels in accordance with the constitution.

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