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Let’s invest in highly nutritious food

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Accra, June 1, GNA- Mr Wilson Agbeko, Marketing Manager, Arla Foods Limited, Ghana, has advised that people invest in nutritious foods.

This is because food with high nutrition was essential for mental and physical development of humans.

Mr Agbeko gave the advice at a programme organised by Arla Foods Limited to celebrate World Milk Day with pupils of Kotobabi Cluster of Schools.

The Day, instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) celebrated on 1 June since 2001, is to recognise the importance of milk as a global food and to raise awareness of its importance.

This year’s  celebration is on the theme: “ Sustainability,” and aimed at drawing attention to the climate change crisis and how the dairy sector can reduce the impact on the planet.

The aim is to achieve “Dairy Net Zero” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years and improving waste management to make the dairy sector sustainable.

According to the FAO and the World Health Organisation, diary (milk) can be part of a sustainable diet.

Mr Agbeko said foods that contained the right amount of nutrients, including proteins, calcium and iron would make children grow strong and healthy.

He noted that with the current economic situation in the country, people tended to compromise on their health and encouraged the populace to always include diary in their meals.

Mr Agbeko underscored the need to protect the environment by producing products that supported nutritious and sustainable diet.

He said Arla Foods was taking action through its Stronger Planet and Enabling Stronger People initiatives to promote sustainable diet.

The Marketing Manager said they were committed to making diary (milk) more sustainable by producing products that retained their health effects and rich nutritional profile.

He said Arla Foods had set stringent nutrition criteria as a guiding principle in their new product development and recipe formulation.

“Our nutrition criteria ensures that our products contain natural vitamins and mineral by setting requirement for protein, calcium and other essential nutrients. Our products, including Dano Milk, are produced in systems that secure their natural nutrients and state,” he added.

Arla Foods Limited, Ghana, is the producer of Dano Milk.

Priscilla Oye Ofori, GNA

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