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Liberia: LTA Studies Deployment Of ICT Backbone Network – Chair Weeks

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By Robert Dixon, LINA

MONROVIA, December 21 LINA) -Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) chairperson Angelique Weeks has disclosed that consultants are conducting a feasibility study to deploy an internet communication technology backbone network to extend international broadband capacity to rural Liberia.

She said the LTA will subsequently submit to the government recommendations about the course of action to roll out a national broadband network that will ensure adherence to the principles of fair pricing, open access and non-discriminatory access.

Weeks made the disclosure at the Annual General Meeting of the Liberia chapter of the Internet Society held at the weekend under the theme « Cultivating Internet power contributors in Liberia. »

Speaking on the topic ‘Open access principles for connections to submarines, cables and domestic backhaul network and internet growth, » the LTA boss observed that the internet has changed the way people work, socialize, create and share information.

According to Weeks, it also governs and organizes the flow of people’s ideas and information around the world.

Quoting a recent international Telecommunication Union (ITU) forecast, the LTA official said in 2015 is expected that the milestone of internet users will be reached.

Weeks pointed out that while internet access continues to grow at significant rates, users are also shifting rapidly to broadband connections due to the ever increasing demand for broad width.

« However, for the rapid growth to be sustained and the benefits to Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth accrued, it is crucial that Liberia’s regulatory environment maintains open access principles for connections to submarine cables and domestic backhaul networks for a diffusion of internet usage across our economy to occur, » she noted.
She added that policy makers should begin to collaborate for the development of a national broadband strategy.

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