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Local Council of Churches essential in developing Christian faith

  26 Octobre      30        Religion (797),


Kpetoe (V/R), Oct. 26 GNA – Reverend Seth K. Mawutor, Chairman, Christian Council of Churches in the Volta region has emphasised the importance of the Local Council of Churches in building the Christian faith and teaching its values.

He said the Local Council of Churches was an important body that promoted development, peace, and unity among Christians for them to propagate and defend the gospel in communities for salvation.

Reverend Mawutor speaking at the inauguration of the Agotime Traditional Area Local Council of Churches, noted that it was necessary for the Council to serve as one voice for all Churches and enhance their agenda and instill discipline in Christendom.

He charged the executive members of the Council to make every necessary effort to keep the unity, harmony, and progress of the Council, keeping in mind that they could only succeed in their endeavours when they hold in high esteem the oneness of the Church, which is the body of Christ.

The Chairman implored members to be humble, patient, tolerant, and accommodative in the discharge of their duties, and learn how to bring their differences under control to ensure that the desired objective of the formation of the Council was truly achieved.

He said in this crucial period when the country was heading towards the December general elections, it was imperative for Christians to allow their values of peace, love, and unity prevail for the to have peace before, during, and after the polls.

Reverend Johnson Tsitsia, Agotime-Kpetoe District Pastor, Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Chairman of the Council said though the individual Churches were preaching the gospel, it was necessary to bring all under one umbrella and have one voice to propagate the gospel and speak against any other voice that might rise against the body of Christ.

He said the Council aimed at fostering and encouraging friendship, oneness, and love among the brethren within the area and to ensure sanity and discipline among the Churches.

Reverend Tsitsia said the Council would educate members on social and national obligations, collaborate with the District Assembly, traditional authorities, and other relevant stakeholders to enhance the development of the area.

He said the Council would organise periodic seminars, conferences, retreats for the spiritual, mental, and emotional growth of the leaders and the congregations and undertake activities that would promote peace and tranquility in the land.

Apostle Theodore Afenuvor, Director, Volta for Christ Evangelism, called on political actors to conduct their campaign in absolute peace devoid of chaos, saying, “politics of having a development agenda cannot be achieved without peace.”

The event was held on the theme: That they all will be one just as you and I are one”.

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