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Lumba, Ampong launch ‘Hossana’ Album

Accra, Dec. 2 (GNA) – Highlife legend Charles Kwadwo Fosu, popularly known as « Daddy Lumba » in collaboration with Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, a Gospel Musician has launched a Gospel Album, titled: « Hosanna. »

The 10- track album was launched to alert the public of the recovery of Mr Fosu, after nearly six years of serious bad health and show of appreciation to a number of people who helped him in recovery.

The event which was held at the Glorious Wave Church International, Accra was attended by hundreds of audience including artistes, actors, traditional rulers, business minded persons, religious leaders and politicians.

Mr Fosu told the audience that he decided to launch an album for the first time in his life because he wants the public to help him show appreciation to his Creator (God) and a number of personalities who helped him to regain his strength.

« We decided to launch this album although I have not done that before because I want my fans and loved ones to help me thank the Almighty God for saving me and other persons who showed me love in my difficult health times, » he said.

Speaking about the Album’s title, « Kwadwo & Kwadwo, Hosanna », he explained that he decided to collaborate with Mr Ampong because he saw something amazing in him when it comes to music.

He expressed gratitude to a number of people including Mr E. T. Akonnor; Pastor Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Head Pastor of the Church; Mr Kennedy Agyapong, a Business Man; and Mr Osei Kwame Despite, an Entrepreneur.

Mr Francis Addae Nimo, Member of Parliament (MP) for Mampong who graced the occasion told the GNA in an interview that it was necessary for him to attend the event to encourage the musicians and celebrate the strength recovery of Daddy Lumba.

Expressing his opinion on the yearning of a section of the audience to see him become a President of the country in future, the MP said: « It is the voice of the people that is the Lord’s; therefore I find such words from people as an encouragement even though I don’t let that let get into my head because there must be a step taken towards such success, » he said.

He said once an opportunity avails itself, he would not hesitate to take it up as a leader of the nation just as the two musicians are making good use of their opportunities and talents in the music industry.

Mr Addae Nimo noted that a good leader must be selfless, honest, humble and serviceable and should belief that he has the qualities which could make him tap into any such opportunity in future.


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