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MAN advocates Public-Private Partnership programmes for infrastructure devt

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Lagos, Dec. 16, 2018 (NAN) The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has urged the Federal Government to engage in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programmes through concession agreements to ensure infrastructure development and economic growth.

The association made the call in its Economic Summary statement on Sunday in Lagos, South West Nigeria.

MAN proposed the PPPs Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) model in road construction and maintenance; rail construction and maintenance; with credible organisations to engender economic growth and development in 2019.

It called for the rehabilitation of existing key road networks across the country.

To further drive economic growth, the association suggested the resuscitation of the domestic refining of crude oil.

It urged a strong support of the development of petrochemical industries in the country.

« This industry is a critical raw-materials source for manufacturing, agriculture and other sectors.

« Ensure the operability of Independent Power Producers (IPP) for On/Off grid power generation and the Micro Grid Initiative, » MAN said.

It also called for the re-classification of the manufacturing sector into strategic gas users from the current commercial gas users’ classification.

To improve local content, MAN advised the monitoring and enforcement of the Executive Orders 003 and 005 by the Federal Government on patronage of made-in-Nigeria goods by Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) of the government.

« To further construct a realistic Margin of Preference which will be applied by MDAs in their procurement decisions, MAN had earlier suggested 30 per cent purchase margin.

« We encourage the state and local governments to embrace patronage of made- in-Nigeria products by toeing the footsteps of the Federal Government in procurement decisions.

« This would sustain, monitor and enforce the 40 per cent Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ preferential participation rate in public procurement as recommended in the Executive Order 003.

« Furthermore, create a sustainable platform through which Nigeria’s general public will be continuously educated on the need to jettison the current penchant for foreign goods and patronise locally-manufactured products, » MAN said.

The association urged the close monitoring of smuggling, adulteration, counterfeiting and cloning activities in the country with stricter penalty against those found culpable of the offences.

It suggested the reduction of the Company Income Tax (CIT) from the prevailing 30 per cent to 20 per cent to promote higher productivity and employment.

The association sought further support of the various research institutes in the country and ensure the commercialisation of their research results.

« More focused research efforts and a broader approach to the commercialisation of research results would pay off,  » MAN said. (NAN)

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