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Min. Nagbe Opts For Digital Migration

  22 Mai      40        Téchnologie (905),


By Prince S. Nagbe

Monrovia, May 22 (LINA) – Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has said the world cannot experience reliable, effective, and productive digital television system, which caters to the current and emerging needs of the people, without digital migration.

Speaking at the 7th African Digital TV Development Forum in Beijing, China at the weekend, Minister Nagbe urged delegates at the forum to discuss how African countries can migrate from analog to digital as they talk about the great benefits of digital television broadcasting in the next few days.

« We must devise creative ways to enhance the digital migration process in Africa, where most countries are lagging behind and many will not meet targeted completion dates set by the International Telecommunications Union, » he added.

He believes that with an already sensitized population in the wake of the magic of the Information and Communications Technology revolution, digital broadcasting can transform various African countries by opening up a new horizon for them to explore.

« This Forum is a great and effective platform for policy makers, business people, broadcast professionals and other stakeholders to meet, exchange views and experiences and find solutions to the daunting problems affecting the rapid development and expansion of digital television in Africa, » Nagbe stressed.

Minister Nagbe, on behalf of his colleagues, thanked the Government of China and Star Times for providing such significant opportunity, adding, « We have taken note of the determination and urgent need expressed here and at other forums for Africa to harness the vast potential that comes with digital broadcasting. »

He noted that coming from a country with several critical competing life-and-death priorities, one must be able to make a strong case for the costly process of migrating from analog to digital by presenting an innovative financing package which will not distort, stress nor adversely affect the country’s inelastic national budget.

« To convince the Cabinet and the Legislature to spend money on digital migration as opposed to funding a hospital, road, bridge or school would require a funding plan which is easily consumable, » Nagbe added.


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