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Minister of Culture urges politicians to introduce the matter of official Creole language on their agenda

  22 Février      16        Arts & Cultures (1486),


Praia, Feb 22 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries urged political actors, candidates for the next legislative election, to introduce the matter of the officialization of the Cabo Verdean language on their agenda.
Abraão Vicente was speaking on Thursday at the conference opening on “Learning the Cabo Verdean language and standardization of writing”, held by IPC, in partnership with technicians from the diaspora, to commemorate the International Mother Tongue Day, which is celebrated on the 21st.
For the holder of the Ministry of Culture, if there had been a constitutional review in this mandate, they would have done a “right fight” so that, at this moment, Creole would be the official language of Cabo Verde.
This battle cannot continue to be fought on the basis of opinions, views, individual positions of one or another ‘expert’ or one or the other institution.
“I was always clear from the first term, depending only on the Government, we ended the term 2016-2021 with Cabo Verdean language as one of the official languages of Cabo Verde,” he said, taking advantage of the occasion to suggest to the candidates for Prime Minister to place Creole on their agenda, as it is “a national issue”.

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