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Music: Indira Rocha debuts with “Gato Loja” and promises new works soon

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Praia, Jul 14 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean artist Indira Rocha, who recently debuted in the music world with the ‘single’ “Gato Loja”, warned fans to be prepared for “new things and different styles” .
This young woman, who defines herself as “the girl who always liked to sing” and even went through the church’s choral group, is the new hire of the Harmonia company who saw her as a talent.
Speaking to Inforpress, Indira Rocha explained that Harmonia’s interest arose after she released a video on social media to ‘reppar’, during the state of emergency, and immediately the artist Elida Almeida shared this video with the producer Djô da Silva.
“I have been working on music for a long time, but because of my studies I stopped for a while to focus (…) until this time came when the Harmonia company became interested in me and now I released this my first single”, she said, ensuring that Elida Almeida is being her “fairy godmother”, since she has been sharing ideas for making video clips and has been giving her professional advice.
In relation to her first single “Gato Loja”, the artist explained that this theme is a portrait of today’s society and conveys a message of empowerment to women.

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