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NADMO advises public to be cautious when using open fires

  15 Août      17        Environnement/Eaux/Forêts (2110),


Accra, Aug. 15, GNA – The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) on Saturday cautioned the public to be cautious when using open fires and electrical appliances in order not to ignite fires.

This follows a fire outbreak at a slum dwelling within Shiashie in Accra last night.

The slum, known as the Soweto Estate or Ataa Nii Estate within the West Ayawaso Municipal Area, had more than 200 inhabitants who had been completely displaced by the fire.

Alhaji Muhammed Abubakar Tchafaram, the Greater Accra Regional Director of Fire and Man-Made Disasters, NADMO, told the Ghana News Agency on Saturday at the scene of the incident that they were investigating the cause of fire but he suspected an electrical fault.

He said NADMO was taking stock of the extent of damage and the number of people affected so as to adequately support them.

Alhaji Tchafaram said the about 200 victims had been resettled for the time being at the Shiashie Presbyterian Church.

He said people should make it a habit to always ensure that electrical cables were well laid and did not pose any threat to life and property.

“The use of gas cylinders and other forms of open fires should be done with a lot of caution and a great sense of responsibility,” he said.

At the time of GNA’s visit many of the residents were seen trying to salvage what they could from the wreckage.

The fire, which began late Friday night, was doused by the Ghana National Fire Service at around 0300 hours Saturday.

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