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Nigerian develops app connecting Africa, Japan

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Lagos, June 18, 2019 (NAN) Kennedy Nnaji, a Nigerian, based in Japan, has developed a social media application – `Nahfconnects’, aimed at connecting Africa, Japan and the rest of the world.

Nnaji, the Chief Executive Officer, Nahfconnects for Africa and the World Inc. said on Tuesday that the application was aimed at innovatively adding value to the society.

Nnaji said that Nahfconnects was a unique smartphone app that would connect Africa, Japan and the world anytime, anywhere.

He said that the mobile application would enable one to chat with family and friends, watch various entertainments and obtain information and news on Japan and Africa, all at ease.

According to him, Nahfconnects is a useful all-in-one app where users do not need to open separate apps for chat, entertainment and news and where users can find information about Japan and Africa.

“Many countries in the world, particularly in Asia, have managed to put their apps together, notably the Japanese, the Chinese, the Koreans and Indians.

“The Americans and the Europeans might be considered by me, the champions of modern technology.

“Obviously, IT startup companies in different countries, develop mobile applications based on the needs of their own people.

“Few functions we have in Africa in these recent years are still at the mercy of these countries who have managed to put their apps together.

“These meagre functions, by my understanding have less capacity to solve the problem Africa faces in this digital age, prompting Nahfconnects for Africa and the world.

“My desire to contribute to the society tapping from the priceless experiences I have acquired over all these years in Japan, have started bearing fruits, starting with the unveiling of this free Mobile App, “NAHFCONNECT’’, he said in a statement.

Nnaji said that he began the project three years ago, purposely to create a platform for Africa and add value to the society, through innovation and services to humanity.

He said that the evolution of the Fifth Generation (5G) technology would catapult the full actualisation of the project on time.

According to him, the project is a dream come true, as there is now an African platform that can understand and solve their problems using digital technologies.

“It will enable our people to have access to the latest technologies and innovations, provide development solutions, which will improve their socio-economic well-being and competitiveness.

“We envisage there are many young talented Africans, who may not have the opportunity to exhibit their talents to the world.

“I assure you, `Nahfconnects’ will provide the chance for them to be seen and recognised, even from the remotest villages in Africa.

“Africa must be developed by Africans, in collaboration with the international community,’’ he said.

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